A FAMILY PERSPECTIVE – At 11 years old, in my house doing sports was a rule.  It was a form of exercise for my brother and I, and our mother enforced it to keep us healthy and active.  When my brothers and I had both lost our interest in baseball, there was a void in our activity and we searched around for the new sport or activity.  Lee Brothers of Mebane was our first stop.  It was something new for us, Taekwondo had the added benefit of being something and my father could also join in.  And so the three of us began a new journey together.  From white belt all the way to black belt, we stuck it out together.  Lee Brothers was a place where we bonded as a family, and found an entire community of people to spend 3 nights a week with.  What started as 3 nights a week, quickly spread to 4, and 4 turned into 6 before we knew it.  For myself, it turned into my entire world.  Spending hours perfecting every move, training for the next accomplishment.   From the age of 11, all the way to age 16, I spent countless hours there, being trained and guided by a wonderful group of instructors, and before long, very close friends.  Master Donna Tilley and the other students and instructors who shared that journey with me guided so much  more than just my Martial Arts training.  School and College took me away from Mebane sooner than I would have liked, but in the end, the years of training to get  my black belt with the Lee Brothers Team was, and always will be, some of my most treasured moments.  Taekwondo became one of the things that defined who I became as an adult.  Responsibility, confidence, expecting the best of myself, and the glowing pride of hard work.  As an adult with a family of my own now, the bonds I grew then with my father and brother remain strong, and one of the things I will be eternally grateful for.  Taekwondo wasn’t just a sport for me, Lee Brothers showed me how to make it part of who I was, and who I am now; the lessons I learned are still with me.  Lee Brothers is not just a place where you learn a curriculum of moves and forms.  “If you allow it, Master Donna and the Instructor Team has created a place where you can learn things about yourself that you won’t be able to find anywhere else”.

Sean G – Student  (trained with father Mike G and brother Zach G)  Oct 2012

After several different attempts at various sports, my daughter decided her sport of choice was going to be Tae Kwon Do.  I, as a parent, was a little hesitant since I really did not know much about that sport.  I was not even sure if my daughter would really stick with something that included kicks and punches, after all she is a girl.  Well, five years later she has moved up to Deputy Black Belt, has been involved with leadership positions and is now an assistant to the instructors.  She is currently training for 1st Dan Black Belt.  That being said, I don’t think that my daughter would be where she is without the deep dedication that Master Donna Tilley and her team of Instructors has towards Tae Kwon Do.  It is not about just coming to class and learning but becoming a family within the studio.  Master Donna always encourages and challenges her students to do their best and to try to get over whatever hurdle may be holding them back.  She does this in a manner that the students gain confidence and eventually will clear that hurdle with a smile on their face.  I believe that these attributes they gain in class will help every student when they are outside of the studio to clear any of life’s hurdles that come in front of them.  I have great respect for Master Donna and her wonderful team in Instructors.  Amy O (parent)    August 2012

Viewpoint of a Student and Parent- After much thought and planning, I have realized that the best way to write about my experiences with Master Donna and Lee Brothers is to simply speak from the heart.  Master Donna is one of the most sincere people I have had the pleasure of knowing.  She works tirelessly and gives selflessly back to the community of Mebane.  Master Donna’s dedication to her school and students is most telling of her character. In the four years that I have been one of Master Donna’s students, I have learned more than I ever bargained for in Tae Kwon Do.  I initially signed up as a way to get in shape and spend time with my children-little did I know, I was embarking on a journey far more rewarding than simple exercise.  My bond with my children has grown stronger through shared experiences and common goals.  I have gained friends and a sense of camaraderie that I haven’t know since leaving the military.  Through any obstacles I may face in my training, I know that Master D will be supportive.  My two children have also been attending Lee Brothers for four years.  I have witnessed them both becoming more self-confident and respectful, two things that are very difficult to teach as a parent.  Being a part of the leadership has given my kids the chance to be in front of others and to give knowledge back to Lee Brothers that they have been taught.  Tae Kwon Do has also shown both my children that failure will happen, in some aspects if life; the key is to deal with that failure and become stronger from it.  Master Donna does not do  “freebies” or “gimmies”; everything is earned, and in today’s climate of “everyone makes the team” and “everyone gets a trophy”, children are set up with unrealistic expectations of the world.  Master D’s expectations are the same for everyone in her school – that we each do our best every time we step through the door at Lee Brothers.  With this standard in mind, we each strive to better ourselves and learn to accept it when that may not be possible in certain areas.  This constant challenge is, by far, the most valuable thing my children have learned at Lee Brothers – to never give up and always strive to be their best.  We have all managed to set and reach one goal after another at Lee Brothers in Tae Kwon Do.  Naturally, the goals get harder to reach as we have progressed through the belts, but each one means more.  My son and I earned our black belt in June and my daughter is on her way as well.  We each look forward to the challenges ahead and are proud to be Master Donna’s student.  Master Donna is very genuine, and I look forward to being her student for as long as she will have me.  She truly leads by example, and that is a rare thing.   Michelle M (parent / student)  June 2012

When Tyler was 6 years old I tried to get him into sports like baseball, and basketball.  With him having Autism, he didn’t understand how to play these sports and the coaches said that it wasn’t going to work with him.  So I had to get him into something so he wasn’t sitting around playing video games all day.  One day I was driving through the parking lot and happen to notice Lee Brothers Tae Kwon Do. I said lets try that sport.  We signed Tyler up for classes with Master Donna.  It went ok, she would tell me he would walk around in class and not pay attention to her, and I kept thinking “oh no, please don’t kick him out of Tae Kwon Do”, please keep him.  Master  Donna didn’t have a student with Autism before Tyler.  Tyler was her first.  And she worked with him and believe me, she had her work cut out for her.  They had theirh ups and downs.  But she stuck it out with Tyler and worked hard with him and she has performed a miracle with him, he is now a 3rd Degree Black Belt and has confidence in himself. That says it all right there.  She didn’t give up on him, and she pushed him to do his best, and built his self esteem up and I think what really helped is she could communicate with him in ways I couldn’t.  She had him set on a routine and had his classes more structured and concrete and he could understand that type of teaching.  Getting Tyler into Tae Kwon Do has been the best thing we have ever done for our son.  Tae Kwon Do has helped him in all aspects of his life.  And he loves doing it.  I enjoy wathcing Tyler and the other students perform at tournaments, demos, or different events because they are all very good at Tae Kwon Do.  Tyler is on the Demo Team and is an Instructor.  He received a scholarship at ACC and is doing great in life.    Jeanne R  (parent)   July 2012

I have trained with Master Donna for about 12 years, and I have seen much progress in myself thanks to her.  My thoughts of Master Donna are that she is caring, trustworthy and a kind person.  I have always been hard to work with through my color belt ranks, but Master Donna never gave up on me.  Whenever I had personal issues that I did not like to talk to anyone else about, she is always willing to listen.  Master Donna is caring in a way that she makes sure that I feel well in class.  I have had obstacles with being dehydrated in classes because I was not drinking enough water.  She would always and still reminds me to drink plenty of water before coming into classes.  I can trust her with anything she says.  I know if I tell her something she keeps it between us.  She tells us that if we want something bad enough we will work for it and that encourages me to keep training in Tae Kwon Do and push myself to become better.  When I was younger, I was diagnosed with Autism, so I had difficulties with sports.  My mom found Lee Brothers and I worked with Master Donna.  I wasn’t paying attention in classes like I should have but Master Donna kept working with me.  Even with Autism, I am currently a 3rd Degree Black Belt Instructor and I help teach classes.  I would be a completely different person than I am today without her and Tae Kwon Do.  I thank Master Donna and Tae Kwon Do for giving back and teaching me.  I hope to give back like she has as I go through my Tae Kwon Do career.  Tyler R  (student/instructor)   August 2012

Walking through the doors of Lee Brothers and meeting Master Donna for the first time, a little over two years ago was one of the best decisions I have made.  Little did I know, at the time, how this decision would change my way of thinking and even the way I lived my life.  It didnt take long for me to realize that a lot of hard work, dedication and effort would be needed on my part to reach all of the goals I have set for myself.  Under the guidance and vast knowledge of Master Donna and her instructors, I have learned and continue to learn so much about Tae Kwon Do.  Not only does Master Donna expect her students to learn the forms and techniques specific to the sport, she also expects and teaches the art and respect for the Korean culture.  I quickly found myself part of her Tae Kwon Do family, and in doing so, realized that respect and belt rank were earned and never just given.  Knowing your strengths and weaknesses, Master Donna will push you to your limits and beyond, helping each student realize their full potential.  Master Donna is not only an excellent instructor and mentor, I also consider her family.  Always going out of her way to know each student individually, taking time to talk about their concerns and their goals, makes everyone part of her family.  She is a community leaders, leading several initiatives throughout the year.  This sense of community carries into her school, as she expects all of her students to give back to their community, as well as fellow students.  She truly raises the bar with regards to how we should act, as her students, and how we conduct ourselves outside of her school.  Master Donna embodies the spirit of Tae Kwon Do and exemplifies, the true meaning of heart and determination.  I cannot say enough about how proud I am to be a student of Master Donna.  Thank you Master Donna, for everything that you have taught me, and continue to teach me.  You have my respect, my dedication and loyalty.  Always your student……  Vince T  (student/parent)   August 2012

A Brown Belt and Parent – Master Donna is person from whom you can learn a lot of valuable life lessons from.  She has wisdom and knowledge beyond her years.  Even though she is in the position of Master, she is still approachable and shows genuine care for each of her students.  Master Donna restored my confidence and self-worth.  Due to life experiences these had diminished for me.  She is someone that we consider a God mother to our son, Cody and reinforces our values and principals.  Master Donna came into our life through Master Lee and has truly been a blessing!  Thank you maam for all you do!     Michele W   July 2012

I have had the pleasure of knowing Master D for over ten years.  My oldest son, Austin trained at Lee Brothers beginning in 2001 and achieved his youth Black Belt.  My youngest son, Grayson followed in his footsteps by completing the youth program to receive his Bo Dan black belt at age 10.  The one thing that has remained constant throughout the years is the commitment Master Donna has shown to her students to enable them to achieve their goals.  I have watched both of my boys under the guidance of Master Donna become more confident in themselves and more tolerant of their fellow peers.  Thanks to their time with Master “D”, they both have gained a great deal of self-discipline and taken great pride in their achievements both in Tae Kwon Do and out.  the valuable life lessons learned in the program at Lee Brothers far outweigh the time and effort expended by our family and my sons.  Thanks to Master Donna and Lee Brothers, I can say we have something we can be proud of and carry with us the rest of our life.      Eddie G    2012


My family has been with Lee Brothers and Master Donna for nearly 5 years now.  We are so grateful for the loving family atmosphere to help us all grow and evolve to be better people.  Thank you for all the love and support over the years and the years to come.   Dawn S    2012

I have been taking Tae Kwon Do at Lee Brothers for a while now.  It was something that I was just trying out at first and I ended up really liking it.  Master Donna has always been nice and kind and always there for me if I ever needed help with any of my requirements.  Through my time at Lee Brothers, I have hit many bumps in the road that made it hard for me to keep going.  I would talk to Master Donna about it and she would help me get back on track like I needed to be.  Master Donna has made my experience at Lee Brothers very good and enjoyable .  When I started I didn’t think I would have been able to do half of the stuff I can do now and without Master Donna’s help I probably still wouldn’t be able to do it today.  Master Donna has helped me reach many goals and made a big impact on me and all of the things I have learned to do.   Olivia C    2012

A Red Belt Affirmation –  Master D and her team of instructors do an awesome job of teaching Tae Kwon Do, building confidence, and creating a friendly atmosphere that always promotes respect and discipline. Lee Brothers of Mebane has become my second home, especially since I have recently enrolled my 5 year old. I look forward to all of my classes and there are always additional events that Master D puts together to get all students involved in the academy. The event schedule is always filled with great instructional and fun activities. Master D and her team are a true inspiration to anyone interested in Martial Arts, I couldn’t imagine life without Tae Kwon Do now and I think my son feels the same way. Claudia B ( tkd parent and student)

I wanted to take the time to express my gratitude for the positive influence Master Tilley and Lee Brothers has had on my son and our family.  My son, Cameron, began with Lee Brothers as a Lee Brothers Summer Camp member.  It was during the first few weeks we noticed how much he enjoyed this new experience.  He later begun attending night classes and also the Lee Brothers After School Program. I hear often from his teachers and others in the community of how well mannered and behaved he is. Cameron has more confidence and exhibits a great sense of price and accomplishment.  Master Donna Tilley, Lee Brothers Staff and members are like our extended family.  We know we can always depend on these people at Lee Brothers.  Your child’s well being is not just a concern while inside the academy but at home, school and also in the community.  My son has been visited at his school by Master Donna Tilley.  The visits were to check on his progress and caring enough to see if there was anything she could do to help him succeed.  So my hat is off to this wonderful person who I feel is part of my “village of help” to raise my son.   Stephanie C (tkd parent)    September 2008 A Child More Disciplined Our daughter Devyn, started taking TKD lessons with Master Donna this pat October 2005. The change in her in the past eight months has been nothing short of miraculous. Her manners and demeanor have drastically improved. Her ability to respectfully express herself has improved two-fold. We share respective “Yes Ma’am – No Ma’am”, “Yes Sir – No Sir” answers as well as patience in our communications with each other. She no longer questions our requests to tidy her room or to put away toys at dinner time. She is quick to apologize when she knows she’s misspoken. She has matured to the level that we have to remind ourselves at times that “she’s only 5″ when she does happen to have a bad day. And then we discuss what’s on her mind and move forward to a resolution to the day’s problem. Devyn looks forward to going to her classes and has told us on numerous occasions that she’d rather take Tae Kwon Do than dance lessons. She has enjoyed her first Summer Camp and I’m also excited about her being a part of the After School Program. I like knowing that she’s in a safe and structured environment with dedicated homework time. In today’s world filled with negative influences everywhere you turn, it’s a good thing to know that there are still places where you can take your child to grow with honor, respect and healthy discipline. Without a doubt, Master Donna and her instructors have had an impact on our lives and we’ll forever be a part of their family and they are a part of ours. Donald & Tonya A (young tiger parents)


WOW – Lee Brothers has provided such an awesome inspiration for myself and my child.  We are involved in a high quality, caring environment while learning such valuable skills.  All the instructors, Master Tilley and TKD family members are such a pleasure to be around.  When obtacles seem hard to accomplish or get through, there is always someone there to help you accomplish your task and keep going.  In one word, Success is Lee Brothers.  Their efforts and continued motivation for individuals to achieve their goals and making a difference in the lives they touch.  This is SUCCESS.  Thank you Master Tilley for sharing your knowledge and time with your students and always being here for our success in our lives.   Gerald B (TKD student and parent)       May 2008


I am a Medical Technologist in the Department of Radiation Therapy at UNC Hospitals. I am also a well-published International Wildlife Photographer whose pictures have been used by National Geographic, the Smithsonian Institute and the American Museum of Natural History. My son has been enrolled at Lee Brothers for a few years. Besides helping my son get and maintain a physically fit body, he also has become more confident and respectful. His measured and calculated approach to his Tae Kwon Do spills over into his daily life, his college courses and his family life. It has been my sincere pleasure to know Master Donna during this time. She has a professional attitude and healthy appetite for the above mentioned qualities and skills. It is my belief that Master Donna is a very large part of my son’s success in Tae Kwon Do, and in other areas of his life. I greatly appreciate her attention to my son and her hands on personal approach that has definite positive results. Therefore, I would recommend Master Donna’s Lee Brothers Academy to anyone without reservation. Mark K. (TKD parent)


My 14 year old son, Braxton has a neurological condition which causes him to have seizures and paralysis on the left side of his body. Three years ago Braxton, then 11, saw Master Donna and some of her students practicing Tae Kwon Do in the parking lot. Braxton’s comment was ” I want to do that”. We met with Master Donna and with no hesitation, she agreed to work with him. It takes Braxton a bit longer than other students to work his way up through the various belts, but he looks forward to his lessons every Thursday night and working with the various instructors, including Master Donna. These instructors expect Braxton to work, but they have also shown much patience and compassion in their interactions with him and encourage him to perform to his full potential. Through Master Donna and her staff, Braxton has grown in confidence and strength. Lee Brothers Academy is very fortunate to have such caring and compassionate individuals representing them and I commend them for their commitment to the program and to Alamance County. THANK YOU MASTER DONNA !!! Melissa H. (TKD parent)


Sometimes in life you look for that perfect sport or activity to please your child.  I did this as a parent.  My child, Joshua (10), has tried several sports, but seemed to be unfocused.  We tried the Martial Arts Program at Lee Brothers.  Master Tilley and her Instructors have made a major impact on my son’s life.  He has been participating in classes at Lee Brothers for 1 year now.  His self esteem and focus has improved 100%.  He is more focused in school.  His teachers are amazed at his progress and focus on projects that in the past would have been a major task for him.  I would like to thank Lee Brothers for positive influence they have been in my child’s life to this point.  The positive teaching and responsibilities that are taught to Joshua at Lee Brothers, will surely be with him for a life time.  Thank you Master D  Bonita P (TKD parent)         July 25, 2008


The Afterschool Program has made my daily routine so much easier. While I work, I know that my child is in a safe, structured environment. I am much more confident having him picked up by the van than riding the bus which sometimes can be stressful for little ones. He is able to have a snack, and do his homework all under adult supervision. If something is wrong I don’t have to wait until five o’clock to try and handle it, because I know Master Donna will have taken care of it as if I were there. She is truly an extension of me. My child knows that he is in a caring and safe environment and is able to express himself. He is not just sitting in front of a TV, he is getting exercise for his body and mind. His school teacher has even mentioned how she wished more of her students were in this program. I speak very highly of this program and would recommend it to any parent who wants to make sure their child is well taken care of. Stephanie C ( after school parent /TKD parent)


My son Noah, who’s just turned three, began Tae Kwon Do in Feb 2006. Since I am a stay at home mom, this has been his first experience being away from me. Even though the class is one hour, I still had reservations about whether he would “survive” without me. Sure enough, the first 5 to 6 classes were challenging. Master Donna was someone always able to say or do something to give him the confidence to stay and participate. Now, not only does he look forward to coming to class, he shows more confidence in other things. For instance, he’s now completely potty trained and now when he walks into a room full of people, instead of turning to me and wanting to be held, he walks in unafraid to talk and be talked to. Not to mention his manners have improved. Our family looks forward to a happy and successful future with our new Tae Kwon Do Family and we’re currently preparing our 8 month old for when it is his turn to be a YOUNG TIGER. Belinda and Scott P (young tiger parents)


Lee Brothers Tae Kwon Do has most definitely changed my child. She is a different kid – she now has the self esteem and confidence that only comes from succeeding and accomplishing goals. Jane E. (tkd parent)


We have been members of the Lee Brothers of Mebane family for almost 3 years now. During that time I have watched my sons gain confidence and poise. My oldest son used to have stage fright and the confidence he has gained through Tae Kwon Do let him take a leading role in his school play. My middle son used the discipline and social skills he learned in his Tae Kwon Do class to make a seamless transition from being at home to going to school full time. My youngest is only 5 months old but I fully intend for him to become a member of the Lee Brothers Tae Kwon Do Family when he is old enough. Kristen C. (tkd parent)


I have the utmost respect for Master Donna, all the instructors and the academy. Through an extreme tunnel of darkness there was always light because you cared about my family and I. Your kindness warms my soul just as the sun warms you on a cold winter day. My children are my lifeline in this world, and to this day, I can’t bear the thoughts without them. I fell we are so fortunate to have mentors in their lives as you. Your academy teaches a multitude of life lessons… ALL THE IMPORTANT ONES !! Our children’s lives will always be filled with brighter opportunities because of you and what your academy of Tae Kwon Do represents! We Love You For Who You Are and What You Are. Jeff, Carmon, Jami, Jesi C. (tkd parents and students)


Ever Since my daughter Alex began taking Tae Kwon Do at Lee Brothers Academy, i have felt that this was something that I would really enjoy. But, to do Tae Kwon Do was going to take a big time commitment and sacrifices that I was not sure that I was willing to make. As I continued to bring Alex to her classes, I learned this was much more than just a good way to stay fit and have fun. I saw first hand that the instructors teach a philosophy of respect, hard work, trust and honesty. This philosophy and commitment to have thier students do their best in the martial arts as well as at school and at home made a lasting impression on me. Tae Kwon Do and Lee Brothers Martial Arts Academy was definitely something that I wanted to be a part of. As a student I have found that I enjoy Tae Kown Do even more than I thought that I would. I have found that I particularly enjoy the opportunities that are given to me in class. I find that I have more confidence and great sense of pride when I can help another student. Alex S (tkd parent, student)

My son has been with Lee Brothers Tae Kwon Do, at the Mebane Studio, for the past three and half years. He has enjoyed the manner of instruction from the moment he began lessons at the school. The only time he misses a class is if he is sick, or our family has out of town plans. Otherwise, it is top priority of his leisure time and he is confident in that commitment. From the beginning, he has aspired to become a black belt. Once he achieved that accomplishment, his dreams have not diminished but have grown, so that he has the desire to aim high. His involvement in Lee Brothers and his commitment to the Lee Brothers’ Masters has encouraged his own leadership abilities. He has assisted instruction to adults and younger of all ages. He has experienced the benefits and challenges of teaching and has excellent references for other endeavors he will undertake in the future. Our family is very thankful to Lee Brothers and very proud of our accomplished son! Tempe F (tkd parent)


Tae Kwon Do at Lee Brothers Academy of Mebane, has been a wonderful experience for me and my family. I and my three children began training with Master Donna H-Tilley about 8 years ago. We had no prior martial arts experience and I did not know quite what to expect. I thought it would just be a short experience and a good way to get exercise. It has proven to be much more. I am now an instructor, under the direction of Master D. I have a child that is an assistant instructor and another child who is on the leadership team. We have all learned excellent martial arts skills in forms, self defense, sparring, weapons and discipline. We have also learned to have confidence in ourselves. My children, as well as myself, can teach a class of students, speak in front of a group of people, and have earned the respect of our peers. My children are able to compete in school physical activities and always perform with excellence in their physical performance tests. Most importantly to me, we have trained as a family for all this time and have grown together in our skills and our relationships. We work hard together, encourage each other, and have learned never to give up or quit when the training has gotten more difficult. Master Donna has worked hard with each one of us, spending many hours training, teaching and mentoring us in all of the areas of Tae Kwon Do. She has dedicated herself to our success. Kathy G (parent/student/instr)


I want to take this opportunity to Thank You for your dedication to my daughter. She raves about you and your husband. I have seen her grow so much in the last 5 1/2 years. Her confidence has grown more than I could of ever dreamed. I guess the saying is that it takes a village to raise a child……Thanks for being part of the village. Jessica K. (tkd parent)


I started Tae Kwon Do because my son was interested in it and I wanted to spend more time with him. Also, I had always been curious about marital arts and this seemed like a good way to satisfy my curiosity. I soon found out that there is a lot more to Tae Kwon Do than just kicks and punches. Even at my age I achieved greater flexibility and strength. As my son and I progressed through the ranks, we learned a lot about Tae Kwon Do and a lot about ourselves. Primarily, we learned that you can reach your goals if you have the desire and you put in the effort required. By assisting with classes I also gained confidence in myself and my abilities. Leadership must be practiced just like any other form of kick. The more I have helped teach in class, the more comfortable I have become being in front of people and making decisions. Lee Brothers has provided an atmosphere of support and discipline that has been greatly appreciated. I have made many new friends and contacts and it has been a pleasure watching my son grow and improve in his abilities and character. Alex B. (tkd parent/tkd student/asst. instr)


My son, Cooper, joined Lee Brothers Tae Kwon Do in January 2006. Initially, I signed Cooper up for this program because I wanted to find an outlet for him. He does not attend daycare and is home full time with me and his siblings. So, Cooper was unaccustomed to any type of formal structure. I was not even sure he could adapt to such a program at an early age – he will be 4 years old in September 2005. Also, he does not like taking instructions/directions from other adult figures beyond me and his father. Tae Kwon Do was on big enrichment experiment. On Cooper’s first day of actual instruction, I was not sure he was even going to be able to stay for the entire session. However, Master D has a formula that she uses with each new, young candidate/student. Thankfully, her formula worked for Copper, and not only did he stay for that session but looks forward to each one now with anticipation. He talks about TKD all the time and cannot wait to see Master D, the other instructors, and his peers/friends each week. The training experience that Cooper has received so far at Lee Brothers Tae Kwon Do has impacted him in many ways. He is more calm. He is still funny, curious, outgoing, and lovable but with more self-assurance, respect and focus. He can follow instructions better, interact more appropriately with others, and follow a structured routine. Unlike when I took him to gymnastics, Cooper actively participates in all portions of instruction. Master D and the other instructors work hard to connect with the children not only as teachers but as adult figures the youth can emulate. Then, to witness Copper earn his yellow bet at 3 1/2 years old with enthusiasm, competence, and confidence, well…in just a short time, Tae Kwon Do at Lee Brothers has definitely made a difference in Copper’s life. His social, physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional needs are being met in a way and at a level that parenting and church attendance and involvement cannot accomplish. He is being taught a philosophy of living and loving., promoting his well-being and long term commitment to becoming a good person. As a parent, I see the potential for Cooper to accomplish great things with and through this program. First physical fitness is important. Also, the self defense aspect of TKD is quite alluring in a time when the public schools and community just are not as safe as they use to be. I want him to have a sense of self and a sense o discipline to combat society’s amoral examples that will be introduced to him through television, computer/internet, music/radio, books/magazines, hero figures/Icons, etc Copper is learning to be courteous, loyal and respectful. He is developing a better attitude towards people an d situations. Perseverance, honor, integrity, and self-control are his ongoing, developing goals as set through Tae Kwon Do. This program is not just about providing an enrichment outlet for my son today, but about promoting my son’s best interest, his well-being and long-term potential. What mother would not welcome and embrace such an opportunity? Marilyn B (tkd parent)


Lee Brothers of Mebane is an awesome environment for anyone to train.  They have caring instructors and Master Tilley is always available even outside of the do jang.  The important things in life that molds a person to survive in the real world is what you get at Lee Brothers.  You are taught patience in obtaining goals that seem unreachable.  You are taught self control, which applies in many areas of my life, at work and at home when the day gets tough.  Self Control teaching you to step back, think about what to do, and not to speak negatively.  Martial Arts training at Lee Brothers has made it possible for me to have the self confidence, self control, and patience to now be the manager in my current job.  Manager was such an unattainable goal until I met my family at Lee Brothers in Mebane.  What a great family to have. Tyler N (TKD Student)  March 2009

The environment at Lee Brothers of Mebane is so amazing.  It is a family away from home.  The care and love that is shown by the instructors through their teaching is truly amazing.  Each and everyone of the instructors are an example of Master Tilley.  Master Tilley is always there when my family needs help or just needs a smile for the day.  This school is truly and asset to the community.  Master Tilley is involved in many organizations that benefit the community.  She truly loves what she does.  My boy is 13 years old and has gained so much confidence and guidance from being a part of Lee Brothers for the past 3 years.  Mary A (2013)

Martial Arts at Lee Brothers is more than just coming to class.  There is a positive atmosphere in which you can’t get enough.  As soon as my class is over, I am ready to come back again.  I have experienced martial arts in another school and was never as welcome as I am here.  Master Tilley and her instructors truly care about me and are very much involved in helping me to accomplish my goals in school and Tae Kwon Do.  Finally, I am in the right school.  Ashley  (tkd student)  March 2009

Children Need To Be In A Place That Will Challenge Them To Have Social Relationships With Others and Get Them Off The Computer And Away From Sitting Watching Television. This Is Exactly What You Receive At Lee Brothers.


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Martial Arts has a high educational value. Martial arts training has great potential to change a person physically, psychologically and emotionally, in a very positive way. Since martial arts training methods are based on natural law, the body can easily adapt to the fundamental techniques and help students reach their top condition.

Once these changes begin taking place, they soon lead to the mental and emotional improvements that many people seek through the martial arts. Increased strength, loss of body fat, improved coordination, and perfection of a new skill can all lead to an improved self-image. As the student sees his physical abilities improving, he begins to feel more confident and certain that he can be successful. This leads him to believe in themselves, not only in terms of martial arts, but in other areas as well.

This process is especially valuable for children and teenagers. Because young people are beginners at life, they often get lost or confused along the way. This can cause them to feel that they have failed. If they have not learned to deal with failure, they can become involved in a whole variety of self-destructive activities, including drugs and alcohol. If they have experienced and dealt with challenges, such as those presented in learning martial arts, they know that no problem is so great that it cannot be solved. They will take charge of a crisis and dedicate themselves to solving it.

This is only one of the many valuable lessons children can learn through marital arts training. At Lee Brothers we have seen students with improved grades, giving up bad habits, found better friends or in some way changed themselves dramatically because of the martial arts atmosphere we provide.

Once you have a positive self-image, you no longer need artificial image boosters like drugs, alcohol, gang involvement, criminal activity, or the many other vices available to our young people today. When you feel good about yourself, you can have self-respect. This allows you to accept yourself as you are and to move forward in life even in life-threatening situations. Good self-confidence is the best energizer for self-improvement. When you honestly recognize who you are, and you set your goals, you are on the road to self growth, success and happiness.

While this process sounds very logical and progressive, it is actually a difficult road to take. Progress requires hard work, determination and patience. Through the instructor team here at Lee Brothers, children and adults can learn how to handle challenges and how to go forward when they would rather give up. This is the greatest value of martial arts and an education that will last a lifetime.

Master Donna Tilley and Instructor Team at Lee Brothers

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