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Lee Brothers has been serving the community and surrounding areas since 1991. Established in 1998 by Master Donna Tilley, Lee Brothers Tae Kwon Do of Mebane continues to give a positive impact to all families of Mebane. Master Tilley began her first class of training under Grand Master Sang Ho Lee in 1992 and to this day, that training under him as her Master Instructor continues. With Grand Master Lee giving her the honor of having the Lee Brothers name on her academy, she opened her academy in Mebane, which is also her hometown. Lee Brothers Tae Kwon Do of Mebane provides top-notch Personal and High Quality Instruction, through well trained Black Belt Instructors. Their dedication to help others succeed, shows in their daily teaching of Tae Kwon Do. Through our commitment, experience, and expertise, Lee Brothers Tae Kwon Do of Mebane has established a personal relationship with our students that will last a lifetime! Every individual that is a part of Lee Brothers, becomes a part of a family atmosphere.



The goal is to teach “Yes I Can ” through learning to REPECT others and self. Our focus is on teaching children the values of life as well as teaching them focus, respect, perseverance, indomitable spirit, control, team work and discipline. All of these aspects become a part of the child and will carry over into school and home in a positive aspect. While they are learning at a early age, the aspects of all life skills, they are also learning coordination drills with their martial arts training.


We teach Traditional Korean Martial Arts for Self Defense, Discipline, Respect, Confidence and Fitness.   We teach Tae Kwon Do and Hap Ki Do which are both Korean martial arts. The focus of our instruction is to build the inner self. This will help to build a better life outside of the stressful pressures that are presented to us each day. While building the skills through martial arts, the confidence builds stronger with the physical exercise. If it is weight loss, physical fitness, fun, or self defense, this is the program for you.  But you must attend classes in order to get the benefits.  This shows true in any fitness or activity you pursue.  We have staff who are willing to help keep you on track.


Lee Brothers After School Program is designed to help you as a working parent to be assured that your child has a structured environment until they are picked up by you from our facility. We transport your child from their school to our facility. Our program also provides skills to help your child with patience and understanding when approaching their homework situations that may be difficult. Call us today to make arrangements for your child to be a part of our structured environment and programs at the end of a school day. We follow the Orange and Alamance-Burlington School System calendar. Lee Brothers After School Program is open on the following days in addition to the normal after school hours: teacher workdays, half-days and bad weather days.  Please remember, we are a Martial Arts After School Program, not a daycare.


Lee Brothers Summer Camp Program is designed to give your child a positive structure while school is out for the summer. While at the summer camp, your child will be exposed to many different activities and character building exercises along with exposure to martial arts training. We are teaching your child that in any situation, self esteem and confidence in your self is the answer, not the use of force. They will become more self-disciplined, increase their physical coordination and be able to apply this knowledge in other sports and life challenges that may occur through their lives. Your child will grown physically and mentally in a positive atmosphere.


All instructors are certified and qualified Black Belts with CPR certification. They are exceptional individuals with love for everyone who comes through the doors of our studio. We are here in Mebane making a difference and will continue with the future development of our leaders of the future. All instructor team members have been with Master Donna Tilley since beginning their training with her as a beginner in the martial arts. Their continued dedication and hard training through the ranks of knowledge to achieve their black belts and become instructors has been a superior journey. Come experience our loyal, dedicated and exceptional instructor team.

Lee Brothers has been making a difference in the Mebane area since 1991. The town of Mebane’s only traditional and well established martial arts studio since 1998. Mebane is Master Donna Tilley’s hometown and she has a special interest in giving back to the community and the children of the future. The studio has grown from the first class beginning in the upstairs of a building downtown, to a strip mall location, and now to a larger exceptional location (New Millennium Fitness Complex) all within the town of Mebane, staying loyal to the Mebane community and its families. Our goal is to make a difference in children’s lives, one child at a time. We pride ourselves with an excellent facility and excellent instructor team for all classes. Please allow your child to experience and participate in an excellent form of life changing skills in a traditional martial art. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to make a difference in your child’s life.

We will match anyone’s price because we feel our instruction should be your first experience and the only one that you will need to grow strong physically and mentally.

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Lee Brothers Martial Arts Academy of Mebane

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Located behind Sheetz at Exit 154 – New Millennium Fitness Complex